Wamego Historical Museum & Prarie Town Village


Located in City Park, the Wamego Historical Museum & Historic Prairie Town Village includes the museum, a restored one-room schoolhouse,general store, Wamego Telephone Exchange building, a log cabin, jail and Schonoff Dutch Mill.

In 1973 the first museum opened in an Union Pacific Railroad stone workshed, built in 1866, with the larger addition opened in the spring of 1997 and is replica of the original 1860 Wamego Town Hall.

The donated artifacts depict the early history of Wamego and we are the keepers of the heritage.

Wamego is the birthplace of Walter P. Chrysler,and the museum includes a 1950 Chrysler Coupe with original paint, a cross-cut section of one of the limbs of the famous Louis Vieux Elm, items from Wamego’s Ames House Hotel, military uniforms, Abigail the buffalo, amoung many others. You will be amazed!


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