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Flint Hills Country

Lake Wabaunsee

Lake Wabaunsee is a wonderful recreational lake and community to call home, vacation or just visit! This 216 acre, spring-fed lake cannot be matched for its spectacular view and hospitality in the Flint Hills of Wabaunsee County, Kansas. Only a mere 45 minutes from Topeka, Manhattan, Emporia and Council Grove.

The Lake is host to two terrific restaurants, bait shop, church, community infrastructure and a soon-to-be completed 9-hole golf course. Native stone and plants of the prairie are incorporated into the greens of the golfers’ delight.

Be sure to take part in several lake attractions like fishing (local permit), boating, skiing, sailing, jet skiing, canoe/kayaking, bird watching, ice skating. While visiting the lake you will see the remnants of military influence; prisoner of war barracks have been renovated into quaint lakeside cabins and the dormitory for army personnel is now the Northshore Restaurant. You also won’t want to miss the 4th of July Community Fireworks!

Skyline/Mill Creek Scenic Drive

Skyline/Mill Creek Scenic Drive is one of the prettiest drives you can take through the Kansas Flint Hills. A frequently traveled path for Wabaunsee County locals the views and sites will take your breath away!rnNeeding a drive to relax and enjoy nature or to take an off beaten path to get to a near by town?

The Mill Creek Drive begins in Alta Vista and Skyline drive begins southeast of Alma and follows Skyline to Paxico. The drive from Alma to Paxico is on a gravel road. Breath-taking scenery, creeks, birds, wildflowers and prairie, as well as wildlife and many ranches will be seen along the drive. It is also common to see many native stone structures.

Ag Heritage Park

Living the farm life, Everett and Hazel have a natural passion for collecting antique farm machinery, as well as items that portray historic ag life. The “Ag Heritage Park” is the culmination of Everett and Hazel’s efforts to collect memorabilia that commemorates ag life.

As Everett became somewhat retired from farming he began visiting area farmers and attending farm auctions all over the state, acquiring an extraordinary display of a wide variety of farming implements from the 1800s to 1960.

As the collection grew, their ambition to display a more complete rendition of farm heritage grew. The collection grew to include a two room farm house, a log cabin and a one room school house, all from the 1885 era. A museum has been constructed, which houses many items that portray historic ag life.

There are currently on display over 100 pieces of horse drawn and early tractor machinery.

Kuenzli Creek Oxen Tours

Experience the speed of travel on the western trails throughout the Tallgrass Prairie of the Flint Hills.

Our two hour tour makes a wholesome and educational family outing. We prefer family groups of about six or less.

On this one mile trip you will experience the speed of travel and some of the discomforts that families on the western trails endured.

You can walk alongside or ride in an authentic reproduction of an immigrant trail wagon as shown in the Kansas Museum of History. The wagon is pulled by two oxen, and travels through areas of reseeded grasses and virgin tallgrass prairie. Along the way, we discuss the problems encountered on the trail and rest at a small spring.

The trip ends by descending a steep bluff where the wagon wheels have to be tied to hold the wagon back.

Appropriate outdoor clothes and good sturdy shoes should be worn. Shorts are not recommended. 1850s period dress clothing might be fun to wear. Bring your cameras!