Log Cabin


Located on the grounds of the Onaga Historical Society Museum is a cabin that was “uncovered” when an old house on the Kirke Grutzmacher farm was torn down. According to L.B. “Barney” Randall, Kansas City, the place was once owned by W. Frank Randall, a farmer and carpenter in the Onaga area. Mr. W.F. Randall purchased the place in 1910 from a Fields. With the addition of rooms to the north and east, the Randall family lived there until about the 40s.

The farmland where the cabin was located had been homesteaded by Mrs. Lydia May, whose husband, Salathiel May, died at the age of 37 and is buried in Vienna Cemetery.

The cabin was disassembled and moved to Onaga for the Onaga Historical Society in the fall of 1978. The cabin was rebuilt in the spring, shake shingles, windows, and doors were added in the next two years.


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