Round Barn


The Onaga Fair Association built this round barn in the1930s to provide a place for the indoor exhibits at the Pottawatomie County Fair and when the State Fair would come to Onaga. In those days the State Fair traveled to various cities during the summer, and Onaga was proud to be one of those cities to draw the exhibit.

The first County Fair was held August 21 and 22, 1907 with a Log Rolling Celebration sponsored by the Modern Woodman Lodge. The attendance was the largest of any similar celebration in this part of the state. A large crowd met the L.K. & W. ("Little Kansas Wiggler" as nicknamed by locals because of the curving tracks through the hilly countryside) passenger train which brought visitors from all around to see the parade, speeches, and band music downtown, baseball games in the afternoon, and in the evening a band concert with drill team presentations followed by show booths and dancing platforms. Sometimes it was well after midnight before the streets resumed their normal condition.

Sidelights of the Doings:

  • Nearly a ton of confetti was used by the merry makers.
  • A visitor said that Onaga was the only town he was ever in where the businessmen got out and swept the streets for the celebration.
  • The patrons of one of the stands had the novel experience of eating ice cream when the cone in which it was contained was almost too hot to be held. The cones were made on the griddle as each customer ordered his ice cream.
  • With the refreshment stands and other attractions, main street suggests the "Trail" at the Jamestown exposition.
  • Besides practically all of the business buildings, many of the private residences were decorated in honor of the Woodmen.

Wasn’t this a Wonderful Life …. !rn


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