Ag Heritage Park


Living the farm life, Everett and Hazel have a natural passion for collecting antique farm machinery, as well as items that portray historic ag life. The “Ag Heritage Park” is the culmination of Everett and Hazel’s efforts to collect memorabilia that commemorates ag life.

As Everett became somewhat retired from farming he began visiting area farmers and attending farm auctions all over the state, acquiring an extraordinary display of a wide variety of farming implements from the 1800s to 1960.

As the collection grew, their ambition to display a more complete rendition of farm heritage grew. The collection grew to include a two room farm house, a log cabin and a one room school house, all from the 1885 era. A museum has been constructed, which houses many items that portray historic ag life.

There are currently on display over 100 pieces of horse drawn and early tractor machinery.


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