The Yellow Brick Quilt


Kansas and quilting have gone hand in hand since 1854 when Kansas was still a territory. During immigration to Kansas, quilts played a major role in providing comfort to those brave enough to venture west. People brought quilts to the west not only for comfort but as a family tie to relatives back east who had made them.

During travels west it was doubtful women quilted. Simply because of the rough ride and the fact that people walked along with their wagons. This helped the team of horses endure travels over the rolling grasslands of Kansas.

When Kansas became a statehood in 1861, many immigrants settled in log homes and dugouts. quilting became more popular as settlers made Kansas their home.

Leavenworth held the first state fair in 1863. A quilt competition was held for best quilt. County fairs began springing up all over the state with prizes for the best quilts. Prizes were generally two or three dollars for first place.rn


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