The Works of Gerald Moore


By day, Gerald Moore is a typical farmer. He has a diversified farming operation on nearly 700 acres in north central Kansas near the Nebraska border. By night, however, during the precious few minutes when he’s not farming or rooting for his sons at their football and basketball games, Gerald Moore is an artist.

What he paints is life around him – his family, friends and the goings-on in the farm communities of Republic County. Yet, these paintings could just as well be of anywhere in rural Kansas. His reverence for the land and its people ring out clearly. “I paint what I know best. People seem to like what I do. When they look at one of my paintings, whether it is of a specific place or not, they usually say, – “Look at that! I’ve been there!”

The exhibit and statewide tour of Gerald Moore’s paintings in 1999 and 2000 is sponsored by the Courtland Art Guild, Courtland, Kansas.


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