Stone Church Museum


The stone church museum was built by the German Evangelical Association, organized in 1871. In 1914, The Church of Christ purchased the property, and used the Church until the year 1977, at which time the building and grounds were presented to the Rock Creek Valley Historical Society for the purpose of establishing a Museum. An early 1900s era kitchen is displayed in this building.

Dedicated in May, 1978, the church Museum was made possible by the generaous donations, and memorial gifts of many interested persons, as well as from fund-raising activities.

The museum complex consists of 5 buildings: the main building, two-story log cabin, historic stone church, an annex for large machinery and equipment, and the Wiziarde Barn, recently moved to the site and being restored.

Information about the early settlement and development of the area and location of historic sites in and near Westmoreland is also available.


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