Sam Peppard’s Wind Wagon


Samuel Peppard, a blacksmith and wagon maker during the mid 1800’s, has provided the area with one of the most famous and interesting stories. While looking for adventure in the drought year of 1860, he decided to build a wagon with a sail and use the wind to take him across the prairie to the gold fields of Colorado. He and three other men set off with all their supplies.rn

rnThe wagon worked well and the small group travelled quickly through the plains. They were almost to Denver when the winds rose and the wind wagon was swept up by a “dust devil” and destroyed. This sculpture depicts his story.rn

rnThe sculpture was commissioned by Louise and Roger Barker and created by sculptor Matt Frazier. It sat in the Barker’s backyard until it was moved to the Old Jefferson Town grounds in 1990.rn


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