Safari Zoological Park


Welcome to the Safari Zoological Park. The Park was established in 1989 for the purpose of saving endangered animals and was opened to the public in 1994.

See our magnificent animals, lions, tigers and bears, plus jaguars and black leopards. There’s alligators, lemurs, baboons and much more! Come for a true “Up-close and Personal” experience! Tours bring you as close to the animals as possible and guides will share interesting information about each of them and welcome your questions.

There are ongoing projects to improve the park and to increase the social interaction between animals and the public. The Admission building has been remodeled to showcase our 14 year history. For your comfort, we’re building additional sidewalks and shaded rest areas. A large pavilion is being built which will cater to large groups such as corporate parties, family reunions, and church groups or retreats. Larger habitats are being built as part of our park enhancement program.

Safari Zoological Park is licensed with the United States Department of Agriculture and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. Come meet Chemi, our White Tiger. rn


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