Chisholm Trail/Santa Fe Trails Meet

Chisholm Trail/Santa Fe Trail

Two of the most historic trails of Kansas, the Santa Fe Trail and the Chisholm Trail, meet just 3 miles east of Canton on Highway 56, on the McPherson/Marion County line, the only place in the United States where these two trails cross.

The beautiful limestone marker marks the spot, placed there by the Cottonwood Crossing Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail and Marion County Development.

The trails were of great economic impact to America and to our area. The homesteading, ranching, small trading towns and cowtowns were a spring off these important trails as well as the railroads. The Santa Fe railroad followed the trail fairly close and soon replaced the wagons for hauling freight. Now as so many things from our past history have disappeared, the Santa Fe railroad has also been dismantled through the area.rn


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