Boyer Museum of Animated Carvings


The Boyer Museum of Animated Carvings houses a large collection of animated carvings and motion displays by local folk artist Paul Boyer. His artwork is amazing, unique, humorous and entertaining. His animated displays have been a highlight of the NCK Free Fair for over 20 years. Each display features his ability to combine carving and mechanics which is unparalleled. You will be amazed by the mass of wire and gears that cause the displays to move. (Hillbillies hammer, horses kick, goats bump heads, a calliope plays music, Indians dance, and two woodpeckers help a self-protrait of the artist carve a wooden head.)Boyer Museum is housed in an old ice cream factory in the north part of Belleville, and remodeled to create a unique art gallery. Just drive north on main street where you will see a building decorated by a light-hearted mural depicting life on a Kansas hillbilly farm.


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