Bison Community Museum


Many of the contents in the Bison Community Museum were donated by area citizens and are retained by the museum as a public trust. The museum displays household items, tools, clothing and personal items used in the first half of the 20th century. Also displayed are artifacts that offer a glimpse into Bison?s early history, including a large display of advertising memorabilia, calendars, and thermometers, that attest to the thriving business section once present in Bison. Photographs of early Bison, its residents and events describe the city and surrounding farm life as well as the devastation left by the 1912 tornado. Other items of interest include a small scale replica of a header barge, stone working tools used to cut limestone posts and a postcard collection from the turn of the century. One unusual feature of the museum is a large pitcher collection that was donated by Edith Money, a Bison resident. From time to time the museum features rotating and special exhibits. rn


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