Twin Mounds Township Cemetery


The Twin Mounds Cemetery in Twin Mounds Township of Rooks County got its name from the two relatively elevated peaks close together and, at one time, covered with masses of disrupted blue-green hard rock. The area was first settled by people moving west in 1879. The first person to be buried there was Alexander Fike who died on July 23, 1879. The last to be buried there werernJoseph Hrabe, Sr. and Frank Hrabe.

Many of the first settlers of the Twin Mounds area are buried there including three Civil War veterans: John G. Snyder, C.A. 94 Mich. Cavalry in 1880, A.G. Reid, Co. D-29th Reg. in Iowa Vol. Inf. in 1886, and Orrin J. Langdon, C. K 19 – 1A Inf.

There are 72 marked graves remaining in the cemetery.rn


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