Trego County Historical Society Museum


The Trego County Historical Society Museum, along with the recent addition of a one-room country school house is located on the Trego County Fairgrounds.

There is a vast collection of pioneer possessions on display. The old safe from the office of the Trego County Treasurer was installed there in 1901 and was given to the historical society in February 1989.

* The tellers cage from the Ogallah Bank;
* A telephone exchange used in Collyer in 1910;
* Medical, dentist and optometrist equipment used by pioneer doctors;
* The first printing press of the Western Kansas World Office dating back to 1879;
* Newspapers, county abstractors records and school records;
* World I and II items are on display;
* Early day household and farm equipment and tools.

The many people settling in Trego County were Civil War veterans, soldiers and sailors from Chicago, Germans from Russia, Bohemains, Swedes and Czechoslovakians beginning somewhere in the years from 1875-1878.


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