Trading Post Museum


Trading Post is one of the oldest settlements in Kansas and the site of an early French trading post with the Osage Indians, established in 1825.

The museum features early settlers pictures, Indian artifacts, John Brown’s cabin door from cabin built at Massacre park in 1858, a great deal of genealogy information of early settlers, plus the old county tax ledgers and assessment books from 1863, forward, containing names and ages of early settlers and property descriptions.

Among the artifacts displayed in the Trading Post Museum are Indian flint and clothing, early weapons including a Bowie knife, bullets from the Civil War battle fought here, and early pioneer household goods.

Trading Post is the site of a Civil war battle, the Battle of the Mounds of October 25, 1864 prior to the Battle of Mine Creek; Civil war artifacts displayed in museum from this battle.

Five Marais des Cygnes Massacre Victims are buried in the cemetery at Trading Post. Photos in the museum of five massacre victims of May 19, 1858.

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