The Walker Art Collection


Housed within the Garnett Public Library lies the Mary Bridget McAuliffe Walker Art Collection. Established in 1951 by Maynard Walker in honor of his mother, this donation of mostly early twentieth century American paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings to the City of Garnett, is renowned as one of the most extraordinary art collections in the Midwest. Works by John Steuart Curry, Luigi Lucioni, Theoforos Stamos, Edouard Maner, Jean Bapitste Corot and many others can be seen in the library.

The original Mary Bridget McAuliffe Walker Art Collection consists of 70 pieces. Another collection entitled, “The Walker Collection” includes additions to the orginal collection of more than140 pieces.

“In giving them up, I feel I have lost nothing, but rather, if from time-to-time some youngster or some oldster gains something by seeing them, I shall feel richer.” – Maynard Walker

The Collection is housed in the Dorothy Archer Room in the Garnett Public Library.


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