The Prairie Center


The rich natural history of Kansas has been preserved with 300 acres of native tall grass prairie, woodlands and creeks. The diverse biomes comprise virgin tallgrass prairie, reseeded tallgrass prairie, riparian woodlands, and wetland areas. The center is a suburban island that was farmed until 1968 when an individual purchased the property for educational purposes. Since that time, it has been maintained for education by a private organization. In 1990, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks obtained the property, also to be maintained and improve for education purposes.

The Center boasts a 5-acre lake supporting such species as bluegill, catfish, largemouth bass, and hybrid sunfish. Catch and release fishing in the stream is also encouraged, and a multitude of species are present.

Several miles make up the approximately 6-mile trail system for hiking and cross-country skiing. Visitors hiking these trails must remain on the paths at all times. Trail paths meander through prairie, woodlands, and along creek beds.

Workshops for teachers are given throughout the year, and school groups are welcome on a reservation basis. Limited interpretive programming is available.


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