The Pioneer-Krier Museum


The Pioneer-Krier Museum compiles the history of the pioneers of Clark County, Kansas. Furnishings range from a country store with its cracker barrel and array of merchandise, to collections of fossils, stones, and barb wire. A rare display of pre-historic animal bones excavated near Ashland is said to compare favorably to ones found in the Smithsonian Institution. Furnishings used in schools, banks, churches, hospitals, funeral parlors, real estate shops, harness shops, barber shops, and different rooms of homes are displayed.

The building houses the Harold Krier Aerobatic Museum, containing the planes of the late Harold Krier, Ashland native and a former National Aerobatic Champion, as well as the trophies and memorabilia from Krier’s famous career, not only in America, but in the Europe and the Iron Curtain countries.


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