The Old Onaga Hotel (B&B)


Onaga’s “new” hotel officially opened to the traveling public in 1900 and its broad front porch still welcomes visitors to Onaga in the capacity it was designed for as it is now a bed and breakfast. The hotel was called the Miller House being built by Mr. Hugh Miller.

As reported in the Onaga Herald, September 6, 1900, “Every part of the house, from the basement where the sample, storage and laundry rooms are located, to the garret, where other sleeping rooms can be provided, if necessary, is in fine shape. The office is large, light, and airy and supplied with easy chairs and rockers, writing tables, stationery, etc., while closely adjacent is the lavatory.

The dining room is large , well-lighted and well ventilated, and as comfortable as one could wish. The tables are well supplied with excellent china ware, and the kitchen is a model of neatness.

The guestrooms upstairs are especially fine and inviting. The stairway is a model of mechanical skill. The ascension is as easy as walking on the level.

The front room is a parlor, the next a sitting room. The basement is fixed so that the commercial men, who come to town, can display their wares, enabling the businessmen of Onaga to come and see them and choose the merchandise that they can sell.

Onaga is now proud of its hotels, being as well supplied as any town west of Kansas City, there will be no more guying our citizens about our hotel facilities.”

For information concerning the current bed and breakfast accommodations, call the listed numbers.


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