The Manhattan Community Garden


Residents of Manhattan KS who would like a garden but don’t have space can rent garden land for a modest fee from The Manhattan Community Garden.rn

rnThe Manhattan Community Garden is a 26 year old cooperative gardening project located in the south part of Manhattan. Land is provided by the City and supervised by UFM. Over 160 plots are available on an annual basis. A small plot rental fee is charged to cover costs of operating the program. Rent is charged on a sliding fee scale to allow all income groups to participate. Water, mulch, tools, seeds and advice are available.rn

rnOrientation and plot rental occurs each year beginning in February and continues until all plots are rented. A plot rental fee is charged based on income and ranges from 2 1/2 cents to 5 cents per square foot. A $10.00 per plot deposit for cleanup is also required.rn

rnFor more information, call UFM at 539-8763. You will be put in touch with the Garden Coordinator.rn


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