The Hugoton Meteorite


The Hugoton Meteorite was located on the J.D. Lynch farm, in Stevens County, four miles west and two miles north of Hugoton. It is now housed at the Arizona State University for the Center For Meteorite Studies and Museum of Geology at Tempe.

This part of the meteorite fall was identified by Mr. Nininger in March of 1935. Nininger lectured at an high school assembly in Hugoton. After the lecture J.D. Lynch, Jr. introduced himself and explained that his father had run his farm implements over a rock. Nininger had a sample of a meteorite that he used for his discussion and J.D. explained the similarities of the meteorite and the rock in his father’s field. Nininger then accompanied J.D. to his father’s farm where a search began.

After various meteorite fragments were found in the field one of Nininger’s probes hit something hard and firm underneath the soil. A cautious effort to dig for the meteorite began.

In all, Mr. Nininger reported that the main mass of the find, plus fragments weighed about 749 pounds at the location. When the fragments that were collected were added, the total weight now is about 800 pounds.


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