The Honey Valley School


As one of four buildings on the Tonganoxie Historical Society site, the Honey Valley schoolhouse – district #56 – was organized on March 25, 1869. It was located about a mile south of Tonganoxie on the Gordon Harmon Farm -near County Road 1 and U. S. Highway 24-40. The original building burned down in 1915. The district voted bonds for $1,200.00 to erect a new school building on June 21, 1916. This building now sits at the Historical Site being moved there in 1991. On September 25, 1999 an open house was held at the school to celebrate the eight years of renovation done by our dedicated volunteers.

The Honey Valley School is a typical one-room schoolhouse where one teacher taught the three “R’s” to all eight grades. The Honey Valley School As many as three generations of Tonganoxie students attended this school.

At no charge to educators, a day at Honey Valley School is a unique way for their students to experience living history.


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