The Eva Dalton Whipple Home


Eva Dalton Whipple was the only sister to the infamous Dalton brothers. She married John Whipple, October 25, 1887, in Meade. He built a home for his bride in the south part of town, situated on a hill, facing a creek. One of the infamous brothers attended the wedding and other gang members soon became a regular fixture in the community.

Not many years after the wedding thefts started occurring in the nearby communities. Many of the local people believed that Eva played a part in her brothers careers. As a result of those suspicions, Eva and John had to quietly leave town, in 1892.

The house was purchased by the Meade Chamber of Commerce, for restoration and renovation, in 1940. In the original homestead one can see firsthand, artifacts from the 1887 time period.

The 95-foot long tunnel connecting the house and barn provides a sense of adventure that appeals to all ages. At the south end of the tunnel the barn houses a museum in the loft which contains a fascinating collection of western items that have been preserved by the pioneers of Meade and surrounding counties.


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