The Dalton Gang Hideout & Museum


A modest house and barn on a cottonwood shaded hill are home to an Old West legend. Notorious for robbing trains and banks, the Dalton Gang created a hideout in Meade and built an escape tunnel from the home of their sister, Eva Whipple, to the barn some 95 feet away where their horses could carry them away undetected by the law. The Whipple house, escape tunnel and barn museum have been preserved and are all open to the public. Viewing the tunnel provides a sense of adventure that appeals to all ages.

Also on the grounds is the Heritage House, a restored circa 1900 Meade County home.

At the south end of the tunnel the barn houses a museum in the loft which contains a fascinating collection of western items that have been preserved by the pioneers of Meade and surrounding counties.

The Dalton Gift Shop, also located in the barn, affords an opportunity to by Hideout souvenirs.

The shady park beyond the barn offers picnic and playground facilities. At the south end of the Hideout park you will find “Old Town” a wild west town facade built for the historical reenactments and gunfight competitions we have each year during Dalton Days Wild West Festival. Kids love to pose for photos behind the bars of the jail or in the old casket propped up on the undertaker’s wall.


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