Tall Oak Sculpture


Mr. Peter Wolf Toth came to Troy to sculpt Kansas’ Indian monuments, the twenty-ninth in a series. Mr. Toth’s goal in life was to complete at least one sculpture in each of the fifty states. To date, he has done 67 monuments covering all fifty states and two provinces in Canada. The Kansas monument is sculpted from a burr oak log 67 inches in diameter, and at the time it fell, stood 100 feet tall. It is now sculpted to a height of 27 feet and weighs ten tons.

All of his monuments are his own concept of the North American Indian and bear many similarities, except for certain characteristics, which pertain to the Indians of that region. For instance, the Kansas monument depicts the feathers, neck broach and head band which is a composite of the Kickapoo, Pottawatomie, Iowa, Sac and Fox Indians.rn


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