Stauth Memorial Museum


The Stauth Memorial Museum features the travel adventures of Claude and Donalda Stauth, long-time residents of southwestern Kansas.

Journey with Claude and “Donnie” as you stroll through the permanent exhibit Around the World. Browse colorful displays of handicrafts and arts from every corner of the earth. Experience famous sites and everyday places from around he world through video and slide programs based on the Stauths’ trips. Explore the world and plan your dream trip with the aid of a computer in the World Discovery Center.

The Stauths’ worldly adventures are seen in enlarged photographs from travels on one wall in the display, which serves a a guide to their trips that circled the globe. Photos from Australia, Southeast Asia, North Africa, Eastern Europe and other places across the globe display their enjoyment and experiences in bright colors.

Glass cases hold the different types of artifacts the couple picked up on their travels. They collected many musical instruments from all over the world along with ornate ivory.

Ralph A. Fry, a friend and neighbor of the Stauths, hunted big game animals in Alaska, Canada, and Norway ranging from moose to polar bears. Ralph brought his trophies home to Montezuma. See western Kansas’ most extensive collection of North American game animals, including former record-breaking specimens and exotic species.


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