St. John Science Museum


St. John Science Museum is a nationally known, working museum of scientific demonstrations that young and old can enjoy. In the museum you will see…

* Electricity Traveling Through The Air!rn * A Bicycle Generator That Puts You To Work!rn * Fiber Optics In Action With No Fiber Optics Cable!rn * Magnetic Force Fields In Action!

The Museum’s 32 displays focus on lifestyle-altering inventions of the Industrial Revolution related to electricity, light, and sound. Part of the fun of the museum is demonstrating sound scientific principles without investing in expensive equipment. Museum’s originator, Jim Hood, loves sifting through trash bins to rescue discarded blow dryers, toasters, washing machines, ovens and satellite dishes to salvage useful components.

The St. John Science Museum welcomes all visitors. School field trips, tour busses, or those out wandering the countryside looking for an unusual attraction are encouraged to visit. St. John, Kansas is located 50 miles west of Hutchinson off US 50 and 25 miles south of Great Bend off US 281.


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