Roniger Memorial Museum


The Roniger Brothers, Frank and George, were born in Highland, Madison County, Illinois. They came to Chase County, Kansas, in 1885.rn

rnThe museum was built to house the Roniger collection of Indian artifacts and other Chase County historical articles and artifacts.rn

rnThe Roniger Brothers’ collection of arrowheads is considered one of the largest individual collections in Kansas. It results from a lifetime of collecting sought by the Smithsonian Institute, the brothers said the collection was made in Kansas and that is where it should stay.rn

rnIn addition to arrowheads, the museum also contains other items from early day history. There are many stuffed animals and wild birds that are native to this county.rn

rnA recent addition to the museum is the Lenke collection, this group of Indian relics is one of the best anywhere.rn


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