Rawlins County Museum


History surrounds the area and is highlighted in Atwood at the Rawlins County Museum. The museum houses a mural of the county’s history created by Rudolph Wendelin. He is a Rawlins County native and the creator of Smokey the Bear. Also see the large, outstanding collection of Hopi Kachina Dolls, given by Marie Madsen Cochran. This is believed to be one of the finest known collections.

A great deal of other fine work including Turn of the Century period rooms, a detailed replica of an old General Store, a large fossil collection, an authentic Indian costume display, and a number of other collections and interesting items are also on display.

The beautiful Historical Church rounds out the museum complex, being moved to Atwood from northwestern Rawlins County by the citizens of the county, the church was painstakingly renovated and refurbished to it?s original grandeur and is now frequently used for weddings and other social gatherings.

The Museum also contains an extensive Genealogical family file for public use and many other interesting items to be explored.


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