Potwin is a bedroom community to the city of Wichita maintaining old fashion values and enjoying the economic productivity and quality of life of a metropolitan city. It is a quiet town with clean air and caring people who are interested in community development. You will come away from a visit to Potwin with more than you leave here. We invite you to join us as we pave the way into the twenty first century.

The City of Potwin was incorporated as a town on April 8, 1885. This land, owned by Charles Potwin, whereby the town received its’ name, became a station for the Missouri Pacific Railroad, instigated by William I. Joseph, known as the Father of Potwin. Descendants of the Joseph family are still involved with the City of Potwin.

The city enjoyed celebrating their 100th year in 1985, with much excitement and pride. The words of their slogan “Proud of our Past – Looking Forward to the Future” describes the aura and flavor of this Kansas community.

During the first half of the twentieth century, Potwin enjoyed the prosperity of the Vickers Oil refinery when production reached 16,000 barrels a day during the late 50’s. Today the Circle E and Mann’s ATP feedlots, as part of one of the largest industries in our county, are major area employers and have helped to rebuild the town.