Points of Interest


1887 Bank – The Howard National Bank was organized in 1877, with the existing building built in 1887. It is now unoccupied and in need of repair, but its stately design can still be admired.

Authentic Sidewalks – The sidewalks on Wabash were installed in 1899 with few additions to the originals. The brick streets were completed in 1926 and remain as only in a few in cities today.

Bertha’s Dolls – Bertha has a collection of dolls, dolls, and more dolls. Don’t miss this! FREE. Located at 439 S. PawPaw. 316-374-2636.

Doug’s Place – This is Howard’s oldest business building built between 1880 and 1883.

“Bankers’ Row” – This strip of houses was known to old timers as “Bankers’ Row”. Note the size of the houses that were all built between 1880 and 1915.

Victorian House – Built in 1910.

Oldest Home – The home of J.C. Jackson known as “Glenview” was built about 1879.



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