Parsons Municipal Auditorium


The Parsons Municipal Auditorium is a classic, 1920s-era civic auditorium. For more than 50 years, it served as the social center of Parsons and the surrounding area. The auditorium was home to a variety of community-based activities, and scores of well-known entertainers performed on its stage.

The 1,600-seat auditorium has hosted hundreds of events, ranging from community-based concerts, holiday programs, dance recitals and school graduations, to appearances by famous entertainers, lecturers and political dignitaries. The auditorium has sponsored numerous programs, including concerts by country-western stars, regional jazz, classical, folk musicians, ballet and children’s theater productions.

With bookings stretching two years into the future, Parsons Municipal Auditorium has rapidly gained prominence as one of the area’s most successful public assembly venues – and a true showplace for Parsons and Southeast Kansas.

The main floor contains 988 permanent seats, with 12 designated wheelchair seating spaces for a total of 1000 seats. The balcony seats an additional 606, for a total capacity of 1606.

Seating on both levels is sloped, producing an unobstructed view of the stage from any location. Six main floor and four balcony entrances significantly reduce congestion prior to and following performances.

All floors of the Municipal Building and Auditorium are accessible by means of an elevator. Designated disabled parking is located near the south building entrance, which is fitted with a power-assisted door. Additional disabled spaces have been added near the southeast entrance. Restroom facilities on two floors of the building comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act requirements for wheelchair accessibility. Inside the auditorium there is designated wheelchair seating, an enhanced hearing-impaired sound system, and a chair lift to provide access to the stage. All information signs include raised Braille lettering.

With advanced notice, the Parsons Municipal Auditorium can provide sign language interpreters and Braille transcribers for an upcoming event.


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