Oriel Building

Oriel Building

One of only a few bartizan style structures remaining in Kansas, the old Signature Insurance Building with its signature oriel window stands as an architectural landmark of the early drover history of Ellsworth, Kansas.

The National Drovers Hall of Fame Museum in Ellsworth, Kansas intends to memorialize the cattle drive era through the preservation of the building to house a portion of the museum. The organization plans to create a world-class museum, singularly unique to the fact that it will recognize and honor those people who made the era of the cattle drive synonymous with the development of the United States. The first phase of the renovation of this historic property began in July 2008. Exterior, roof and orial are in the initial phase. They expect to have the interior renovated and open soon.

Address: 115 N. Douglas
Phone: 785-472-4670
Our Website:www.nationaldrovers.com


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