Onaga Historical Society Museum


The Onaga Museum complex exhibits local historical items in its two main museum buildings and on its grounds you will see a Union Pacific caboose, a furnished log cabin, and a one-room schoolhouse.

The museum displays a collection of photographs from the early 1900s, collections of everyday articles in display cases, the complete soda fountain counter and stools saved from the original drug store, an 1883 doctor\’s chair from the first doctor\’s office along with various instruments, and fascinating rifles from the Civil War and the World Wars.

In the large museum is and old sulky dated by its light-weight, very narrow wooden wheels, a horse- drawn buggy, and large pieces of historical items.

The log cabin is furnished with the original cupboard and a spinning wheel among the other features of a settler\’s home.

The one-room schoolhouse is a proud structure in fine shape that has been used in prior years by the 4-H and scout groups, and is now in continuous progress of refurnishing with schoolroom artifacts.


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