Lebo City Lake


The Lebo City lake was rebuilt in 1997. Originally constructed as the citys’ water supply, the lake is being developed as a recreational facility and a 55 acre sport fishery. The basin renovation included deepening around the shoreline and installation of 13 fishing piers. Generous built up rock and brush fish habitat was also installed in the basin. The renovation also included a boat ramp, a restroom facility, informational signs and gates.

The intensive fishery management program at the Lebo Lake focuses on sustainable quality and quantity. Harvest regulations allow fish to grow to a harvestable size while providing excellent catch and release fishing. Length limits protect the young fish while creel limits spread the harvest over a longer period of time.

The lake has been stocked with Channel Catfish, Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Wiper as well as Bluegill, Readear and Green Sunfish. The lake promises to be a great fishing opportunity and is scheduled to open for fishing May 6th of 2000.

Overnight camping will not be allowed for the general public however, it is intended to allow organized youth groups to camp. For those wanting to camp, there are ample opportunities 3 miles north at The Melvern lake Sundance area. Camping with hookups is available at other Melvern sites.

Please Note: A city fishing permit is required to fish the City Lake and angle for trout at the Kids Pond.


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