La Cygne

“City of the Swan”

LaCygne, Kansas is located 4 miles east of US Highway 69 on Kansas Highway 152 in extreme eastern Kansas. The city lies in the northern portion of Linn County. LaCygne was founded in 1870 on the banks of the Marais des Cygne River. Its name is French for “City of the Swan.”

Journal from “The City of the Swan” on March 10, 1877-“In Linn County, at the head of one of the most beautiful valleys in the world is situated LaCygne, the City of the Swan. West of the city, meandering in graceful curves, and flowing over gentle rapids, is the river Marais des Cygnes. On the west side of the river is a magnificent belt of timber from one to six miles in width. On the North and across the river on the south, and extending far away eastward are terraced mounds in the height of 120 feet. The mounds, covered in the season of flowers, like prairie with the richest verdure, jeweled with lilies and wild tulips of golden yellow or silvery whiteness and blushing with the pink of the mountain verbina, border the valley and occasionally rise insolated from the plain as if to sentinel it, or to give it, if possible, more perfect adornment. Nestled in a sunny nook protected on the north, west, and south by mounds and timber, is the gem city of this valley of the Marais des Cygnes, and the mart of trade in Linn County.”