Kansas Museum of Military History


With exhibit space of 16,500 sq. ft., the Kansas Museum of Military History houses a collection of military vehicles, uniforms, and airplanes. You’ll experience and learn about Kansans in military confrontations from Indian Wars through the current Iraq War. rnA Penguin training airplane from the 1920s to ’30s and a German submarine helicopter are just some of the museum’s exhibits. Augusta was one of the first towns in the nation to hold a bond drive during World War II. In one month they raised enough to purchase an air-sea rescue boat for the U.S. Navy, the Seahorse, which was credited in saving more than 30 lives during the war. War history and a one-tenth scale drawing of the boat are on display. rnThe museum is dedicated to the acquisition, preservation, restoration, and display of military artifacts and there are over 10,000 artifacts from an airmail post card to an M-60A3 Main Battle Tank.


  • BD5 Experimental Airplane
  • “Penguin” a 1930s Trainer
  • “Quickie” a Bert Rutan Designed Airplane
  • “Pizza Peddler” a motorized hang glider
  • “Easy Riser” a motorized hang glider
  • 1/4 scale Bombardier Water Bomber
  • 1/10 sacle metal models
  • Over 350 plastic models
  • 1930’s Air Way Beacon
  • Propellers, instruments, flying suits, air mail bags, photgraphs, books and magazines


  • 1965 US Army UH-1 Huey Helicopter
  • 1969 US ARmy OH-58 Kiowa Helicopter


  • 1936 Banty Gas Tractor – Aircraft Tug
  • 1942 Dodge 3.4 ton Weapons Carrier
  • 1942 Chevy 1.5 ton Fire Truck
  • 1942 Ford 1.5 ton Cargo Truck
  • 1945 Landing Vehicle, Tracked
  • 1950 M-38 1/4 ton Jeep
  • 1962 M-151 1/4 ton Jeep
  • 1966 M-416 1/4 ton Jeep Trailer
  • 1966 M-151A2 1/4 ton Jeep
  • 1966 M-274A2 1/2 ton Army Mule
  • 1966 M-7151 1/4 ton Cargo Truck
  • 1982 M-10101 1/4 ton Ambulance
  • M-60A3 Main Battle Tank
  • M-551 Airborne Armored Assault Vehicle


The Air Museum has over 30 military uniforms displayed on manikins with over 30 more uniforms that will be displayed in the near future. Our uniforms cover World War I to Desert Storm. We know the men and women who wore the uniforms.


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