Kansas Flint HIlls Tours, LLC


At Kansas Flint Hills Tours we offer a variety of authentic rural experiences from guided tours of the northern area of the Flint Hills in Pottawatomie, Riley, Geary and Marshall counties to Farm Stays and Farm Vacations on our 4th generation working family farm.

The Tallgrass Prairie in Kansas is absolutely beautiful! Each season has its own unique beauty and style. In the spring the pasture burns renew the land and bring the brightest green grass and a wide variety of wildflowers you’ve ever seen back from dormancy. In summer, the native prairie grasses to grow tall and wave in the wind. Fall brings frost, causing the grasses to turn rich hues of golden brown and the sumac turns red giving the signal that winter is approaching. During the winter, when there is snow, the Flint Hills are amazing. The pure white of snow defines the shape of the sloping hills. If there is no snow, the beauty of the fall continues, seemingly frozen in time.

Always, always the sunrises and sunsets are the most beautiful you will see anywhere. Nature enjoys painting the morning and evening sky just to give us something else to marvel at.

Our sightseeing tours are educational as we visit historical sites and talk about the settling of the area. The leisurely drive through the country and off the beaten paths will give you an idea of the anticipation the early settlers must have experienced when they first came west. The Oregon Trail, Pony Express and Fort Riley were all key to bringing folks to the new frontier from the east. As time marched on The Underground Railroad, Kansas Agricultural College and a multitude of would-be businessmen and adventure seekers helped shape what became known as Kansas.

Perhaps you desire a more hands-on approach to your stay and would like the thrill of working with us as we go through our day-to-day life on a real farm that has been in our family for four generations. We’d love to have you work with us getting your hands dirty while tending the garden, building fence or helping out in the hay field. A farmstay with us isn’t a petting zoo – it is work! We offer authentic experiences – just the way we live everyday! Come visit this piece of heaven we call the Flint Hills. We’d love to share some home cooked meals, a starry night and the joy of hearing the sound of crickets, coyotes and whippoorwills down at the creek. Give us a call!


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