Inman is a rural community of 1,100 residents located in south central Kansas. The landscape around Inman is flat as much of the area was once covered with shallow lakes. Drainage canals emptied most of them, but Lake Inman survives as the largest natural lake in Kansas.

The Santa Fe trail passed a couple of miles north of Inman bringing travelers from the east through the area. Major Henry Inman, surveying the area for the Army, first described Lake Inman. Originally called “Aiken” when it was platted in 1887, the town was renamed for the lake in 1889.

Inman is a friendly community where your children play safely outside; block parties, city wide activities, and neighborly chats over the back fence are commonplace. Several Mennonite families settled in this area of Kansas and their strong community spirit is still evident with five Mennonite churches serving the people of this small town. rnA city with slower paced personal lifestyles, Inman still has many amenities offered by its diverse local businesses and life enriching opportunities.