Historical Sites


Wild Horse Corral – In early days, wild horses were grazing on the prairie and often times driven into this native stone cave and captured. Located in northwest Greeley County.

Barrel Springs – In early days, a traveler sank two barrels into the north bank of the stream just across from the hole known now to many as Jumbo. The spring flowed into the barrels and out into the creek bed. So the spring was given the name of Barrel Springs. Barrel Springs is located on what was known as the Fort Wallace to Fort Lyons Trail, which crosses from the northeast to the southwest through Greeley County. Located 10 miles west and four miles north of Tribune.

White Woman Creek – The White Woman Creek starts in the southern part of Cheyenne County, Colorado. It crosses the northeast corner of Kiowa County, Colorado, enters Greeley County, then Wichita County, and ends in Scott County, Kansas in a flat basin south of Scott City.

Many legends have been told about the naming of White Woman Creek. Perhaps the most reliable is that two white women were captured by a Cheyenne war party. The women married braves, and when attacking U.S. troops killed the one woman?s husband and son, she spent the night beside the remains of her husband and son chanting and wailing. The next day she was killed in battle. It is said that if you listen carefully you can still hear her cries along the banks of the streambed, pleading for their spirits to be accepted in the Happy Hunting Grounds.

Time Capsule – During the celebration of the county’s centennial, the Greeley County Historical Society sponsored the burial of a time capsule. It contains family stories and memorabilia of all kinds, especially items that were available and styles of this period of time. Located in the front of the Horace Greeley Museum, it will be opened in the year 2088.


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