Historic Waysides Tour at Fort Leavenworth


In 1996 Fort Leavenworth was designated a Registered National Historic Landmark and a portion of the fort is on the National Register of Historic Places. In an effort to share this historic facility and expand its welcome to visitors, Fort Leavenworth has erected a series of wayside pedestals at 17 historic sites on the fort. Each stone pedestal displays beautiful artwork and narrative as well as a two-to-eight minute recording explaining the historical significance of the site.

Self Guided Tour

1. “Queen of the Frontier Posts”rn2. “Frontier Freight Operations”rn3. “World War I and World War II Induction Centers”rn4. “Deploy as Skimishers, CHARGE!”rn5. “Command and General Staff College”rn6. “Highway to the West”rn7. “Arsenal of the West”rn8. “Cantonment Leavenworth”rn9. “Main Parade Field”rn10. “Peace Makers”rn11. “Battle Training-Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”rn12. “West End Parade”rn13. “Pioneers, Settler, Heroes Remembered”rn14. “First Kansas Territorial Capital and Military Prison”rn15. “Native American Prisoners of War”rn16. “Trails West”rn17. “Horsemanship Training”rn


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