Gypsum Hills Scenic Drive


To take the Gypsum Hills Scenic Drive, travel west of Medicine Lodge on US 160 for 3 plus miles. There, a sign will indicate for you to head south (paved) and in about a mile you will round a curve and be introduced to the beauty of the Gypsum Hills.

2 1/2 miles south, just before you reach the top of the hills, it is worth a long look to the east down one of the most beautiful valleys.

Six miles south of US 160, you will turn west (dirt, marked). Just after the turn look to the north and you will see the back side of Twin Peaks, look to the northwest and you will see Flowerpot Mound, the geographic area of the legend of the same name (vividly described by Nellie Snyder Yost in her work, Medicine Lodge).

11 1/2 miles after you turn west you will turn north at a marked Y and 5 miles later will be back at US 160.

A turn east (to the right) will take you back to Medicine Lodge. Four miles will bring you to the Scenic Overlook which gives you an opportunity to stop and view the valley and hills to the south. A mile to the east (mile marker 217), a cross sits atop a hill and for the next mile Twin Peaks will clearly be in view to the south. A paved area on the south side (mile marker 219) will let you stop again and then on to cross Cedar Creek and back to Medicine Lodge. Total trip distance, 29 miles.


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