Goodman State Fishing Lake & Wildlife Area


Goodman State Fishing Lake and Wildlife area boasts a 40 acre lake and 225 acre upland wildlife area. The area is owned by the Wet Walnut Watershed District and managed by Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and Ness County.

FISHING – The potential angler is likely to catch largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, and redear at this lake. Because of low water level conditions largemouth bass and channel catfish growth has been somewhat limited and are generally in poor condition. However, the bluegill and redear enthusiasts should have no trouble catching a nice stringer of panfish.

HUNTING – Because the property is a relatively recent acquisition hunters will find the area to be somewhat limited in hunting potential. This is primarily the result of the lack of habitat diversity on the area. However, the hunter should be able to scare up an occasional pheasant of quail in the foodplot and tree plantings site along the west edge of the property. Hunting opportunity and success can only get better as more habitat diversity is added to the area through additional tree and shrub plantings.

ACTIVITIES – The lake is a prime spot for picnicking, camping (primitive), general outdoor recreation. Picnic shelters with tables are available for group activities and are located within easy walking distance of the parking area. The boat ramp, dumpster and toilet facility are also located nearby for visitor convenience.


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