Emmett Kelly Museum


The Emmett Kelly Museum houses memorabilia of the world famous Wearie Willie Emmett Kelly, who was born in Sedan in 1898 and of his son Emmett Jr.; also showing memorabilia of D.W. Washburn as Sparky The Clown, a juggler, ventriloquist, magician, and pantomimist. Sparky was born in Chanute, KS; 1500 piece decanter collection; one of the most complete antique print shops in the state; a shell collection from Guam and nearby islands; an Indian artifacts collection unearthed near Sedan since 1983; historical quilts; Civil War, World War I and II showcases; and many other items of historical interest. Open mid-April through mid-October. Visitations possible other months by phone. Gifts and souvenirs.rn


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