Elk Falls

Step back in time and into Elk Falls, Kansas, often described as a LIVING ghost town. What’s a living ghost town, you ask? Much of what once made up Elk Falls is now gone and to the casual observer, the town looks dead – virtually a ghost town. BUT… we ain’t dead yet! Set amid oak covered hills along the Elk River with a scenic waterfall, it’s pastoral charm and peace have proved irresistible to a variety of vistors to this unusual little community.

So what’s the attraction? It takes a little effort to look beyond the obvious, but there one discovers a very different and enchanting Elk Falls. Behind the decaying facade one finds a creative and peaceful village that boasts some of the most intriguing and unexpected attractions to be found anywhere. One of which is the annual Outhouse Tour! Not exactly your typical festival, but one that has started a “movement” of appreciation in these vanishing vestiges of Americana.

So come visit us. Enjoy a quiet step back in time and see for yourself why so many thousands of visitors have found their way to this isolated hamlet in the Kansas Ozarks. You’re always welcome.

“Getting off the trail is what Elk Falls is all about … a naturalness that people are yearning for.” – LARRY HATTEBERG, KAKE-TV, Wichita, Ks.