El Dorado Lake

El Dorado Reservoir is located in an area of rolling terrain made up of croplands, prairies, woodlands, and marshes. The lake provides many attractive areas for water oriented activities such as camping, picnicking, swimming, fishing, boating, and hunting. Four recreational areas located near the lake are — Boulder Bluff, Shady Creek, Bluestem Point, and Lost Lake. The reservoir at conservation pool is 8,000 surface acres of water with approximately 98 miles of shoreline. The average depth of the reservoir is 19 feet.

The U.S. army Corps of Engineers has granted responsibility to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks to manage the fisheries and wildlife resources of the area. There are approximately 4,000 acres of land available for public hunting and approximately 2,000 acres of park land for hunting waterfowl and upland game.rn rnThere are roads and parking, boat launching ramps, a potable water supply, fireplaces, picnic tables, shelters and showers that are all available to the public.

An overlook structure constructed of native limestone is located on the left bank of the lake adjacent to the buildings and provides an excellent view of the dam and lake. The approach to the overlook is a bridged ramp designed for easy access and use by the handicapped.

Stones and a date block from a local school, constructed in 1897, have been incorporated in the structure and walkway. The schoolhouse was located on a tract of land about one mile NW of the overlook site. The land inundated by the lake was given to the school district by George and Elizabeth Parker, pioneers of Prospect Township. The date block over the door to the old “School District 94” was placed in an approach pillar at the ramp entry. The pillar on the opposite side of the entry contains a metal plaque with a tribute to the pioneers of the area and an inscription about the school.