Edwards County Historical Society Museum


Welcome to Edwards County Historical Society sod house, museum, and chapel, which is located half-way between New York City and San Francisco, in the Half-way Park at the West Edge of Kinsley, Kansas.

Our Pioneer forefathers had the to endure many hardships and helped to make this County what it is today. We regret that they are not here to tell of their experiences and show what they had to work with.

It was with this thought in mind that the Edwards County Historical Society was organized.

Old Soddy is a Community Project under the direction of the Chamber of Commerce and The Edwards County Historical Society.

All the furniture in the house was donated by people in the community, and at one time most of it was in use in homes of the early Pioneers.

Sod House InteriorAfter Old Soddy was completed, the need for more display space became apparent as more historic items were being brought in for display.

To provide this space the Museum was built with money given as Memorials and Donations in honor of the pioneer families. Donations and Memorials are still being received to improve the Museum. Any Contributions or Donations will be greatly appreciated to help make this a bigger and better Museum for Edwards County Historical Society by Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Brown of Lewis, Kansas. It was moved to the Half-way Park in Kinsley to serve as a Historical Chapel in connection with the Sod House and Museum.

The location is convenient for tourists as Highways 50 and 56 pass the site and No. 183 is but a few blocks to the east.

More and more people are making stops at Halfway Park, with visitors from every state and many foreign countries.

We are pleased you could stop and visit our Museum. We hope you may again return, and hope you tell your friends that there is a fine Museum in Kinsley and that they will find a genuine WELCOME among friends.


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