Cedar Bluffs Cemetery


My ancestors homesteaded in NW Kansas/SW Nebraska in the late 1800s. I am proud of them and they went through rough times, some died young, some babies died, etc. They lived in small sod houses. We still own the land. I remember as a child and as a grown up, that there is the Cedar Bluffs Cemetery where I believe three young men who were killed in the last Indian Raid in Kansas are buried. There names are unknown..as far as I know, and they have no grave markers with the exception of one who I think has just a small stone. Can you investigate into this??? Who are they??? Were they from Oberlin??? Can there be a fundraiser to properly identify where each grave is located, their ages if known, etc and the most important ….a monument or stone for each one of the deceased for they gave their lives to save fellow pioneers and their families. Can this cemetery be kept up better??????? These men saved your ancestors lives. Don’t you think you owe them the honor and respect they desrvd??? Do you think they wanted to die when they went out to protect families and neighbors????

I also am aware of a cemetery with young children as well as adults that is located in the middle of a field/pasture..with quite a few graves. This is right across the Kansas/Nebaska border. The cemetery is unkept, full of weeds, stones turned over, etc. I do not want to reveal the site for I want no grave robbers or vandelism but I feel it is so important to honor and respect our pioneer dead and pioneer children who died in the 1800s. Who is responsible for this cemetery in Red Willow County????? Why ignore upkeep??? What happened to perpetual care??? Could a church donate cleanup/mowing time if the county does not wish to honor their committments??? I know there are many other small cemeeries like this one. My famkily is in this one but I do not live close. Everytime I visit this land, I visit my family in these cemeteries. The cemetery in South Red Willow County I do not think it has a name. I was tempted ( and I am poor) to have the stones put from a lying down on the ground position to having them repaired by a excellent and appropriate funeral marker business. Most of the familes of these deceased are probably also deceased. I care about these pioneers!!!!! You should too!!!!! As a child I do remember watching from my grandmothers farm two horses drawing a glass wagon hearse with family cars slowly following down the dirt road heading North to this cemetery. I did not know what a funeral was. When I heard that family had died and gone to sleep….I thought they layed down…like for a nape…and could wake up any time. Ha! I did not know about this Red Willow County cemetery until I was in my 20s. Can any one help me??? Can anyone help the conditions of these cemeterys and grave stones????? Fundraising???? What is the counties responsibilities and who is in charge as well as phone numbers and addresses????? I want to be buried some day at Cedar Bluff cemetery but I want it to be beautiful, peaceful, with trees, flowering bushes,etc. And yes….keep the dirtroads!!!!! I love dirtroads!!!! Yes, I know that June , July , August tend to kill off any living plant but surely we can do better.The Red Willow County Cemetery has no water pumps or any way to water flowers or plants, trees. The cemetery is barren. Cedar Bluffs has one pump….this is inadequate.

Lets honor all our ancestors. Make the county reponsible for a good job of care of these old cemeteries. Lets also help them by getting stones repaired and stones for the last Indian Raid young men.

Thank you for your kindness. God Bless!!!



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