Bank of Waverly


This historical building in Waverly was built about 1883 as a private bank by Mr. Senior and Mr. Fisher. In 1892, it was sold and became known as the Bank of Waverly.

On January 27, 1893, it was the scene of Waverly’s only bank robbery. Two masked men held up the cashier at gunpoint and killed a man while making their getaway. The story is told that, in his haste to pursue the fleeing gunmen, a townsman living west of the bank took off in the winter cold in his shirt-sleeve, later contracted pneumonia as a result, and died. A posse caught up with the men near Lebo, and the loot was recovered.

The bank was later known as the First National Bank. After the Bank moved, the building held the offices of Dr. Belinda (Belle) Egan, the first woman doctor to graduate from Kansas University. Later it housed a Buick automobile agency, and in 1917, became the Post Office. After the Post Office moved in the early 1930s, all or parts of the building have been a hardware store, a doctor’s office, a warehouse, a gift shop, an electronic games arcade, and it currently a dental office.


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